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As a fitness coach, I am in the business of delivering solutions. With over thirty certifications and a thirst to constantly evolve and improve, I have the experience and expertise to impact lives and improve the health and wellness of clients everywhere. For the last twenty-five years, I've put my best foot forward to create environments that help everyday people feel safe, supported, and prepared — and to achieve real results.

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Combining my experience and fresh perspectives is the foundation to my methodology.


Change requires, above all, adaptability, the ability to stretch beyond the status quo, get beyond what you were taught or see beyond what has worked in the past. I advocate achieving meaningful results by being committed and consistent. I hold myself and those who choose to work with me accountable. Because experience and success has shown me this works.

I surround myself with like-minded individuals, leaders, and peers. I’ve adopted this mindset because I believe this is how solutions are targeted and opportunities are revealed.

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My method is based on creating and collaborating. That means that I work with my clients to tailor plans for the goals that we set. With goals and a plan in place, we start by implementing simple steps and getting rid of the guesswork. Then we can get stronger, get faster, address imbalances, and reduce risk of injury,  all while gaining mobility – endurance – and balance. We’ll do the little things savagely well to get there — and stay there.

“My purpose is to unlock potential and to make an impact.”


Growing up in New York City's Lower East side, my life was about fitting in. Playing with friends and getting into sports became my refuge. Playing basketball became my passion and  expression. I played so much it ultimately granted me the honor and pleasure of competing at a higher level. I parlayed that relationship with playing hoops in high school, then college and of course a short but sweet stint at the semi-pro level.

My time as a competitive athlete fueled my thirst for strength and conditioning. I thrived in that environment. I particularly enjoyed the off season and how we prepared “as one” - “together” for a common goal. 

Making the decision to enter the fitness and wellness community as a trainer just made sense. I haven't looked back since. Now twenty years later, I wake up every morning and do what I love, sharing my passion for movement and connection with folks all over the world. 

I live in Brooklyn with the love of my life — Raina — and my three children — Chloe, Rumi and Shai.


I drive energy and inspiration from my brands that share my passion for fitness.  As a brand ambassador for several fitness brands including Precor and Axle, I lead educational workshops, deliver speeches, and design fitness programs at gyms and clubs across the US. Most recently, I had the great privilege of working with Megan Rapinoe on The Rapinoe Soccer Club, along with Nike and SKLZ.


As a fitness expert, I have been published and featured in several national magazines and networks including Men’s Fitness, Men's Journal, Self, Harper’s Bazaar, I.D.E.A. Fitness Journal, VH1, CBS, and NBC.


Interested in collaborating?

For inquiries related to training packages, media, brand collabs or home gym design, please use the button below to contact me.

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Luis training two women, adjusting theri hand positions as they face each other


We all deserve the opportunity to communicate and reach our true potential. The power of connection inspires change – builds trust – and brings us together. Being a coach allows me to deliver buy-in and achieve better outcomes.

“If you have a body you are an athlete.”

— Bill Bowerman


Showing Up.

Helping others.

Being kind.

These are the essentials.

“There’s always room” 

— Paul Rusesabagina

Luis with his hands on the shoulders of two youth soccer players, adjusting their beginning position before an exercise


MOVEment is Life. It helps us connect and build relationships with others. I believe movement allows us to feel capable, confident, and free. We are all, quite literally, born to move.

 “It ain't about how hard you can hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”

— Rocky Balboa

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